How to Apply Scandinavian Interior Design?

Simple is best. The Scandinavian interior design is known to follow this rule by effectively applying minimalism. Using the right kind of combinations, you can create an aesthetically pleasing layout that warms up your space. This can be achieved without breaking your bank account as there are various colours, designs, and materials to choose from that you can use to make your vision come to life. The following include some tips to help you get started:


Pops of colour gives a vibrant feel to any space. However, when it comes to Scandinavian Interior, the go-to colour palette is not bold or shouting. Make use of muted or neutral colours instead. White and grey mix well in any background and tanned colours like a light brown shade or nude. Pairing up pieces made of the colours mentioned above instantly brighten up your space.

Natural light

Maximize the use of natural lighting in your space. You can achieve this either by using sheer curtains or big windows. Floor-to-ceiling windows are not only trendy but also efficient in bringing in a vast amount of sunlight. They can make any small space appear more significant than it is. If you have small windows worry not; painting your walls white is a neat trick that will maximize the light available in your room.

Choice of Art

Be very selective when picking out your furniture. The classic Scandinavian approach to art is through the use of paintings of landscapes or picturesque sceneries. Art pieces of mountains and rivers bring a Nordic feel of the outdoors into your home.

Natural materials

Incorporating natural materials such as leather and wood bring forth a rustic feel. These earthy elements work together well with soft textiles such as wool or mohair fleeces and contrast hard and soft materials. When paired together, they automatically give rise to a stylish feel while, at the same time, the space remains comfortable and warm. For more inspiration, check out Tylko’s guide about Scandinavian interior design:


Potted plants and flowers are simply a must. They add an extra pop of colour which brightens your space without overdoing it. As aesthetically pleasing as plants are, they also improve circulation in your room as they breathe. There are various plants to choose from depending on your availability to care for them and your budget. All in all, plants quickly bring the outdoors indoors.