How to Use Moss Walls in Your Interior?

Suppose it is time to update or redecorate your house, consider a moss wall. A beautiful moss wall can create a focal point in any room. It also adds freshness and brings a little of the outdoors in. There are many options when decorating with moss walls, and many of them are affordable.

A Moss wall as a Focal Point

Moss walls look stunning when placed on a plain wall. If you want to make a focal point, then opt for a large moss wall. It will be a pleasure to look at, and you also get to enjoy the living spaces at the elegant display of greenery. The wall also creates a fantastic design that allows you to maintain a connection to nature while making the room feel fresh and relaxing.

Decorative moss wall pieces

One common idea of decorating a room is to hang eye-catching pieces above the fireplace mantles, stairs, top of a tall cabinet, or dresser. Using moss wall decorative pieces will increase the visual effect and greatly attracts everyone’s attention. The moss wall pieces can come in small or large pieces. To get more creative, you can combine the moss wall pieces with ferns and other living plants.

Bathroom Moss walls

Decorating the walls with moss panels in the bathroom increases the breath-ability since they absorb the steam. To keep the bathroom moss walls looking beautiful, maintaining the appropriate indoor humidity and adding new pieces of moss if any of them fall off.